Round two

30 Nov

It’s the moment you all (have not) been waiting for- I’ve decided to start blogging again. I tried blogging about two years ago and pretty much failed after less than a dozen posts. Why? I completely overthought every blog post and I “didn’t” have enough time (classic excuse, right?) And, contrary to popular belief, I’ve decided to keep my old blog. Whoa! So why did I decide to break the rules and pick up where I left off?

First off, the process of trying to pick a new blog name was utterly exhausting. I had several ideas, like Perry’s Post-It, Speaking as Steph and Perry’s Powder Room. But, I decided Perry’s Post-It wasn’t quite right, Speaking as Steph made me sound overly opinionated and Perry’s Powder Room was just sort of creepy. I also thought about doing something with cats, but then I decided that I didn’t want to loose 90% of my possible readership right off the bat (i.e. dog lovers, people who think cats are weird, people who think people who like cats are weird, people who just don’t want to read about cats.) You know, those types.

Since the process of choosing a new name was entirely too stressful, I decided that The Pink Post-It was the way to go. If you missed the original explanation of the name behind the blog (circa 2010), here’s a quick run down.

Pink is the color I try to live my life by: light up a room, have fun and add some sparkle. I also love post-its, but not in a weird way or anything. Post-its are pretty much my lifeline to recording information. They also help to mark where I’ve been and what I’ve done- much like a blog! See the connection?

So, here we go again! As you can tell, I’m excited.Image


One Response to “Round two”

  1. dpancs December 1, 2012 at 2:33 am #

    Alright… keep posting for the readers!!

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